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.9th Nov 1987.
.blissfully married to Kamal Basry.
.since 23/12/2006.
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22 April 2012, 12:00 PM
Enta Eih

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20 April 2012, 2:31 PM
I'm back for the second time!

Hi peeps!

Was supposed to update my blog today, but i'm just too lazy and sleepy to compose tonsss of words. Well, I should have more than enough time to update my abandoned blog since colleague and bosses are not around from Tuesday till today - Friday!

I am my own boss! hahaha... sometimes you feel like killling yourself being stuffed in a small white square box *office room*... hmmmm well, still can survive with the beautiful scenery of the east coast beach and MBS view.

Another sian thing is, today bosses and colleague will be coming back to Singapore and next week going to be a full week of boredom!!! Looking forward to 14-15th May as  they will be traveling again for BOD meeting. No more sleeping! No more FB-ing! No more loud music! No more chatting on the phone! damn!

Will be back create more post when I'm in a RAJIN mode, sayonara~

05 March 2012, 11:01 AM
wretched heart

ya Allah what I have done to my dear Qystina?!?!?!
i just feel sooooo terrible after seeing her left arm marked with hives =( i'm such a loser!
i shouldn't whip her with the coconut broom =(

i was totally insane this morning, i just couldn't ctrl my temper.. she's being cranky since last week (after suffering a mouth ulcer).. she being crying, shouting, yelling and etc. and i've lost my patience.

she cried as she wants me to carry her while i still have to put on my make up, pack my stuff and etc.. and the clock has strike 0745hrs!! another 15mins left!! ya Allah, please give me strength to overcome this kind of situation in future, Amin.

... while we are on our way to her school, she fell asleep on my lap (gosh, nothing could describe my feeling at that moment, i just burst into tears ='( my heart wretched carrying her walking towards her school and left her with the pain of her mouth ulcer and the whipped arm ='( ibu promise not to whip you nor leaving you with any scar on your skin.

I'm just full of regretness!

"Encircle your child with love
Offer your hand to guide her
Shower her with tenderness
Shelter away her fears

May she look for sunshine when
There seems to be clouds
May she take a step further to
Find the best in people and life

May she show kindness and patience
Towards others
May confidence and poise propel
Her in life

Teach her appreciation for small
Things in life
The abundance of nature close at
Her feet
Help her to learn the power of
Words spoken
The response to actions which
Might be awakened

Shower her with your love and
Your pride
Protect her as needed, but let
Her fly free
Free to stand tall with absolute

As she grows and discovers
Keep memories keen
For times in the future
When she flies free

Remember too as she grows to
Be a woman
She's a reflection of yourself
A reflection of the joy, kindness,
And dignity
A reflection of a woman set free
To pass down her teachings
From no other than thee"

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